A new Lax year is up and going!

October 25, 2022

Hello to our growing lax community here in Bloomington/Normal! 


It is hard to believe that we will be entering our fourth year of the BN Lax Coop and our third year of competitive play this spring. As the new FOBNL Board President along with five new Board members, I am excited about what lies ahead and most importantly, I look forward to what this Board and our community can do to further build our boys and girls lacrosse programs here in Bloomington/Normal.


Before I get too far ahead of myself, I must thank the previous Board members for their excellent work and the progress they made in getting the Coop up and running. It has been no small feat to achieve what we have today. Thank You!


I would also like to THANK the countless volunteers that have helped this program as well but may not get the recognition you all deserve. We have numerous parents and family members that step forward to help coach the teams, organize fundraisers, be team moms, take pictures, announce games, run concessions, keep the scorebook, carpool kids to early morning bus rides and even provide donuts for those early mornings and more. It is each of you that have stepped forward in some way to support and give our kids a chance to play this great sport that really matters. The wins and losses are important but the teamwork, dedication and friendships that our players build will last them a lifetime. Thank You for making this all happen for our kids!


As I look forward, our Board has discussed three priorities for FOBNL for the coming months.


1)   Supporting the coop and program needs financially. The coop is 100% privately funded from our parents, families, and the community. What does this mean? Your financial support goes directly to our teams to enable them to compete on the field. Without support, we cannot continue.

2)   Building interest and awareness in the community. This is about telling the lax story in our community and growing the interest and play at all age levels. Ultimately, it’s about the sustainability and longevity of the coop. Getting more kids into the program is key.

3)   Maintaining a strong, administratively well-run not-for-profit organization. This is a given.


To achieve our priorities, from time to time, the Board will ask our lax community for volunteers to help. Our first ask is for three to five volunteers to participate in a fundraising committee that will be led by Board member, Nikki Maurer. She is already brainstorming new ideas! If you are interested, we are asking for a 9-month commitment, you can email Nikki at nlmaurer@gmail.com if you have questions and/or interested in participating.  Thank you, in advance.


Enough of the business stuff…


To get this next season up and going with a BANG, the FOBNL Board would like to provide a unique opportunity (1st of its kind) for our lax community. We will be offering an online Pop-Up apparel shop that will only run from October 28th - November 11th.  Your order will result in a $5 donation to the coop (thank you). Of course, if you are willing and able you can make an additional personal donation at www.friendsofbnlacrosse.org.   99% of your donations go directly to fund the on the field activities of our teams.  


The online Pop-Up apparel shop will be an opportunity to purchase limited edition apparel to support our teams. I think you will find the designs fun and attention grabbing. After all, that is the goal to generate attention and have fun with an “alternate” (not replacing the iconic BN Lax logo) design for all of us to wear at school and around town. Also, the design will highlight the unique nature of this coop with the union of the three schools represented – NCHS, NCWHS and BHS. Go Purple Iron Cats!


Beginning October 28th at 8 am, the pop-up apparel shop can be accessed at:  www.meltdowncreative.printavo.com/merch/BNLacrosse2022

Remember, it will be a limited time offer only so get your stuff early! Also, to save on shipping costs, I am going to do a bulk pick up of all the orders from the vendor when they are complete, and I will send an email out on a pickup point sometime in December. More to come.


Well, I think that is enough for now.  I will post more as news becomes available. In the meantime, do not forget to visit our BN Lax SWAG store @ www.friendsofbnlacrosse.org and/or drop us a donation.  Most importantly, Lax On!



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