Unit5 Board to hear co-op lacrosse recommendation on 9/11

September 9, 2019

Varsity Lacrosse in our Community.

Since our last post in December, we’ve seen many successes in the spring club season for both our boys and girls teams and had many of our college eligible and club players compete in many summer tournaments and recruiting showcase events.

…and, we’ve been working (quietly) behind the scenes with Dr. Daniel and the Unit5 administration to continue the conversation about adding varsity lacrosse to the 2019-2020 sports register for the district.

Since May we have been meeting with the Superintendent,Assistant Superintendent and their staff to keep the dialog going and have been exchanging regular updates on proposals, progress, and questions as they arose.

Considering the headwinds our educators are facing, adding a community funded lacrosse co-op was not the highest priority issue they have been working to resolve (for all the right reasons).  As our conversations progressed, they asked for our discretion and patience on how much we shared publicly until the time was right to reengage our community in this effort.

In May we shared our written recommendation with the Unit5 administration to add a community-funded boys and girls varsity co-op lacrosse program (Normal Community and Normal West) which included the option of expanding to other districts and schools in the future.  This is consistent with the model we developed last year; meaning the community (players, parents, and supporters)raise funds to donate to the district to offset 100% of the direct costs of the programs (e.g. helmets, uniforms, travel, coaching costs etc).  The approach here is important in that it allows varsity lacrosse to be added to the district during its growth phase without diverting budget dollars away from current educational needs.  Our long-term vision is that once an individual high school decides to split off and create their own team at the individual school, lacrosse will be rolled into their current athletic departments’ budgets to be financially supported in the traditional way.

For more specific information, see our blog post here with more info.

Breaking News:  We were excited to learn last week that Nic Kearfott (Athletic Director, NCHS) is going to be presenting our recommendation to add a boys and girls lacrosse co-op to the Unit5 School Board on 9/11, with an expectation that the matter be voted upon on 9/25.  If approved, this initial proposal would allow the two Unit 5 schools to move forward with a coach search and formation of boys and girls varsity co-op teams for the 2019/2020 school year.  Other schools could be potentially added at a later date.

Board Members of the FOBNL and B/N Warriors will be attending the school board meeting on 9/11 to listen in on the presentation and provide whatever support is needed.  

After the meeting on the 11th, the next step (the important step) will be to have our community rise up and make their voices heard ahead of the 9/25 vote.   If you are a parent, grandparent, friend,guardian or player that has been a supporter of varsity lacrosse moving forward in this community, we hope you will consider joining us at the Unit5 board meeting on 9/11 and 9/25 to show your support!

Stay tuned as we look forward to sharing more information shortly!


Friends of Bloomington/Normal Lacrosse is a not-for-profit, parent-led action group focused on creating opportunities for high school athletes to play varsity lacrosse.