B/N Lacrosse Swag Store Now Open!!

January 31, 2020

We are partnering with SquadLocker.com to launch the official B/N Co-op Lacrosse team store! Our initial blast contains over 75 different items featuring different logo options, color ways, fits, cuts and styles for our boy and girl athletes and adults as well. Everything from bleacher seats, to sweats, hoodies, to performance apparel, hats hoodies, and outerwear. This a direct ship program: select your items, pay through their site and the items arrive directly at your door. Open 24/7/365!

Click on the "SWAG" option in the top menu, or click here, or visit squadlocker.com and search for "B/N Lacrosse".

As a quick reminder, registration is now open for both co-op teams. Both D87 and U5 athletes should use the NCHS sign-up process. Follow this LINK and click on the "REGISTRATION" tab. All players will need to fill out the 8to18 registration that U5 uses. It's important that those that are planning to play register as soon as possible to ensure the district has the appropriate equipment and uniforms to outfit the teams this spring.

We'll have another update soon on our next dine and donate (Jason's Deli) but we can share that we are excited about the support we received at the Blaze and Portillo's dine nights. Both events were a big success for the programs.

If you haven't yet, please follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter. We are ramping up our social media outreach as we get closer to the season. If you want to stay current and have the most up-to-date information...you'll get it on those platforms.

More to come soon, we are 30 days away from the beginning of the season.

Team one, one team!!

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