It's GO time!

January 31, 2021

This week, the IHSA board set out the process and rules for High School sports to resume in Illinois for the spring of 2021.  This long-awaited decision has set our boys and girls lacrosse teams on a path to begin competition late-spring/early summer.  We are awaiting a few of the details, however we are EXCITED for our athletes to take the field and compete this spring.

While contact has been limited, both girls’ and boys’ coaching staffs hosted fall clinics with players with socially distance practices that took careful planning and execution for it to be done safely. The players responded in kind with enthusiasm, athleticism, and a fighting spirit. It was great to see the smiling eyes behind their masks.

There was also continued momentum and changes to the FOBNL back of the house. Our website has been refreshed, providing a seamless experience incorporating the look and feel of the BN Co-op branding into the FOBNL website. In addition, new email addresses have been created to allow faster response time. Please reach out to us at contact or fundraising with questions or ideas along the way.


To ensure the growth of our program, we anticipate having openings for key positions on FOBNL’s “Founders Board of Directors” which need filled.  These volunteers oversee all major strategic and fiduciary needs of the co-op.  Additionally, we are seeking individuals that could lead two key committees.


At this time, we are soliciting for the following positions:

·        4 board members –including both ‘at large’ and named roles (i.e., Secretary, Treasurer, etc..)

·        Director of Fundraising

·        Director of Communications/Social Media


Board and committee positions are two-year terms and require attendance at our monthly meetings in addition to filling the requirements of the position. Board meetings are typically held on the fourth Sunday of each month. Terms officially begin August 2021, but we will use the May through July time to allow new board members to shadow outgoing officers. If your family has enjoyed their lacrosse experience and or has an interest in improving the co-op, please consider volunteering. If you have questions or would like to discuss, please reach out to Mike Buelow.


Thanks to the generosity of many in our community over the last two years, FOBNL is in a strong financial position to financially support both boys and girls programs for this year’s upcoming campaign. However, we are still working hard to continue our fundraising efforts for upcoming years and additional items the program is looking to procure to support the program.  If you can help support our high school co-op lacrosse teams, please consider a donation to FOBNL during this giving season.  As a reminder, we are registered 501c3 entity, so your donations are tax deductible.  Please visit this link for more information.


Finally, the BN Warriors youth lacrosse program is a key element of the future success of our boys and girls teams.  Having a strong and robust youth program directly affects the strength of our future high school teams.  With the addition of Varsity lacrosse to our high school athletic programs for both District87 andUnit5, now is a great time to spread the word to the younger athletes in our community about the future opportunities for high school lacrosse.


More to come, sticks up!

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