FOBNL Community Town Hall 11/10/2019

November 10, 2019

Thank you to all who were able to attend the Friends of Bloomington Normal Lacrosse Town Hall meeting tonight. For those of you who were not able to attend here's a list of questions that were addressed. You can also watch the live view recording presented by Mike Buelow on the FOBNL facebook page.

FOBNL’s Part:

1.    What is FOBNL’s role in the lacrosse program?

Answer:  FOBNL is solely focused on raising the funds to field teams this spring. Now that the schools have accepted the proposals and are going forward with the Co-Op, the Athletic Director/School District will be making all decisions about running the lacrosse program.  

2.    What is FOBNL paying for?

Answer: FOBNL is raising money to donate to the School District to offset 100% of the direct cost of the Lacrosse program.

This includes:

            i.     Start up expenses (Helmets, goals, uniforms, etc.).  

            ii.     Season expenses (Transportation, Coaches stipend, game and field fees, etc.).

We are estimating we need to raise $45,000 to start the spring 2020 season.  ($25,000 in start-up expenses and $20,000 in season fees that will need to be raised each year).  

If we do not meet this goal, the lacrosse program will not be funded and our teams will not be allowed to play.

3.    Has FOBNL received donations?

Answer:   As of 10/10/2019: FOBNL has received $10,900.56 in donations.

4.    What is the School District paying for?

Answer:  The School Districts will pay 0%.  All money donated to FOBNL is given to the School District to pay for Lacrosse.

5.    Do I have to donate for my kid to play?

Answer:   No. Bottom line is if FOBNL does not bring in donations to give to the school district; there will not be a lacrosse co-op.

6.    Isn’t State Farm paying for this?

Answer:   No.  

7.    Will I have to donate each year?

Answer:   Until the school districts are in a position to fund the program; FOBNL will continue to raise donations in order to help fund our High School teams.

8.    How can parents get involved?

Answer:   We are looking for volunteers to expand our circle and need help. Please fill out a contact card or email us if you would like to volunteer.  We are looking for individuals to step up with communications, fund raising, etc.  

Our small, but mighty team of 6 people (4 of us are senior parents) has worked for over two years to lay the foundation.  Today, we are handing it over to “the friends” to make it sustainable.  We ALL have a responsibility for the co-ops success.   We want to help with the learning curve and be mentors for when the time comes when the senior parents step aside.  

We are looking immediate need to have the following four positions filled:

              i.     Vice President Fundraising

              ii.     FOBNL Sponsorship Chair

              iii.     FOBNL Merchandise Chair

              iv.     FOBNL Volunteer Chair  

Athletic Director/School District:

9.    When will Unit 5 have a parent meeting?

Answer:  The Athletic Director Nick K at NCHS is the hosting sponsor of the Co-op.  He will be scheduling a player interest meetings at all three High Schools.

10. How many coaches are being hired?

Answer:  This decision will be made by the Athletic Director/School District.  There were 3 posted Coaches positions: Girls, JV Boys, and Varsity Boys

11. What will be the name of the team?

Answer:   This decision will be decided by the Athletic Director/School District.  

12. When does practice start?

Answer: The Athletic Director/School District will have to follow the IHSA Lacrosse rules and this information will be directed by them.

13. What equipment will players provide?  Will there be an attempt to match the player supplied equipment (i.e.. Like colored gloves, elbow pads etc.)?

Answer:  The Athletic Director/School District will be issuing helmets.  Players will provide all other individual equipment. Matching equipment decision will be made by the Athletic Director/School District.

14. How will Varsity vs JV be determined?

Answer: That is up to the coaches and the Athletic Director/School District to decide.

15. Who are the coaches and/or who is being considered?

Answer:  FOBNL is not involved in the hiring/selection process and this will only be the choice of the Athletic Director/School District.

16. Is U-High in?

Answer:  This is not a decision to be made by FOBNL.  This is a decision to be made by the hosting Co-op Athletic Director/School District.

17. What should my kids be doing between now and when practices start?

Answer:  We are hoping as soon as the coaches are finalized everyone will hear more about Winter/Spring activities.

18. Will we play Washington and Dunlap?

Answer:  Games are scheduled by the Athletic Director/School District.  

19. Can my kid play travel and play IHSA?

Answer:   That’s up to the coaches and IHSA rules.

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Friends of Bloomington/Normal Lacrosse is a not-for-profit, parent-led action group focused on creating opportunities for high school athletes to play varsity lacrosse.