FAQs: Answers to common questions about our effort

August 13, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

This list includes the most frequently asked questions regarding the formation of a cooperative lacrosse team in our community. As additional questions are developed (and answered) we'll update them here.

Updated: 9/16/2018

Q:  What is does ‘cooperative team sponsorship’ mean? How does it work?

A:  A cooperative team (aka “co-op”) is permitted under the IHSA Constitution under section 2.030, allowing high school athletes from different schools (and districts) to participate as one team in an IHSA sanctioned event.  In most cases, a host or “sponsor school” handles team administration (scheduling, coaching, transportation, etc.) on behalf of the participating schools.  There are specific limitations on the size and types of schools allowed to participate in a co-op program, but it is a good way to create opportunities for athletes to compete at the state level if there is not enough support at an individual school level to field a competitive team.

Q:  Does this apply to both boy’s and girl’s lacrosse?

A:  Yes.  Our model includes provisions for both boys and girls lacrosse programs. Using a cooperative team sponsorship approach enables us to bring both programs on-line at the same time within our community.

Q:  When will this take effect?

A:  Our intention is to field boy’s and girl’s co-op teams to compete in the Spring 2019 lacrosse state series representing our community.  This is dependent upon the participation and support of the local school districts’ administrations, the athletic departments and the Boards of Education that are participating.  We feel the timeline is achievable if we work with pace and intent.  To these ends, your support is critical to helping this effort be successful in the near term.


Q:  If a co-op lacrosse team is approved, will it take the place of our current Warrior high school teams?

A:  Until the specifics are worked out, we cannot say how it will affect the Warrior program.  Initially, we are working to be inclusive of as many high-school age athletes in our community as possible; up to the limit of what is permitted under IHSA rules and agreed upon by our sponsor schools.   We have shared our intentions with the Warrior board and are working with them closely on our progress.

Q:  I heard there is no money available for these kinds of extracurricular activities in our school districts, how will this be funded?

A:  It is true that the budget constraints facing our local school districts has created significant headwinds for this effort.  Our intention is to develop a model that can sustain a program through private donors and fundraising activities to offset the financial burden this would create for the athletic departments hosting the co-op programs.  We anticipate the costs of a co-op lacrosse program will not be significantly greater than the costs our families are currently paying to participate at the club level.  In short, we will need to make this a “cost-neutral” program for the host schools which will require financial support from our community to sustain it over the next several years.

Q:  Is the Friends of Bloomington-Normal Lacrosse different than the Warriors?

Yes. The Friends of Bloomington-Normal Lacrosse was organized to support the high-school lacrosse co-op teams in Bloomington-Normal. As the Warriors are the club program supporting players in many communities at all levels, keeping the FOBNL separate allows us to focus on the specific needs of our high-school teams. We consider FOBNL and the Warriors to be partners in the same effort: growing the sport of lacrosse in our community.

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Friends of Bloomington/Normal Lacrosse is a not-for-profit, parent-led action group focused on creating opportunities for high school athletes to play varsity lacrosse.