District87 and Unit5 School boards to hear lacrosse co-op proposals on 9/25

September 23, 2019

As a follow-up to the Unit5 board presentation at Unit 5 on 9/11 --

The school board heard a presentation from Nic Kerfott (AD, NCHS) recommending to the board that a boys and girls lacrosse co-op be formed that includes BHS, NCWHS, and NCHS to compete in the 2020 season. We were very excited to hear the supportive comments from the Unit5 board members who shared their support to move forward and include District87 (BHS) in the proposal. There were some specific questions about facilities and logistics that required some follow-up, but we are expecting a formal vote on 9/25 giving us the approval to move forward.

Included in the proposal (in addition to a vote to affirm our direction) is an agreement between FOBNL and the District to provide funding and support for the program while the co-op exists. The agreement last for two years (the same duration as the IHSA co-op agreement). We are currently reviewing the agreement and providing feedback to the District to finalize the agreement.


This afternoon, a couple of our board members met with Dr. Reilly, a District87 board member, and two other members of the District87 administration to discuss the proposal that was being voted upon by Unit5. In that meeting we were advised that Tony Baumann (AD, BHS) will be presenting the co-op recommendation to the District87 board on Wednesday 9/25 (the same evening that Unit5 is voting on the co-op).

We are hopeful the D87 School Board has an open mind and can show the same kind of leadership that Unit5 is showing in this space, but time (and their comments) will tell. What will be important is for our student athletes, families, and our lacrosse community rally to demonstrate our commitment to seeing this program be successful. Members of our FOBNL board will be attending the meeting on the 25th and providing comments. The easy answer is "no", but it's important for the board and Dr. Reilly to see there are real athletes and real families that are affected by this decision.

Let's BE SEEN and make our VOICES HEARD!

We are asking players and families that have (or will have) a player that will be attending either NCHS or NCWHS to attend the Unit5 Board Meeting (at NCWHS cafeteria @ 7:00pm on 9/25); players and families that will attend BHS to attend the District87 Board Meeting (at the D87 District Offices, 300 E. Monroe, Bloomington @ 6:30pm on 9/25).

Members of the FOBNL board will be at both meetings and will be providing comments.

We hope to see EVERYONE at one of these meetings!!

More to come following the meetings Wednesday... but one thing is for certain, we will need to start working on the fundraising efforts quickly...we take the field in the spring and need your support to help us get there!!

Sticks up!!

Friends of Bloomington/Normal Lacrosse is a not-for-profit, parent-led action group focused on creating opportunities for high school athletes to play varsity lacrosse.